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EUUF Newsletter
August 2017
Eureka Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

17 Elk Street, Eureka Springs, Arkansas 72632

Please join us Sundays at 11 a.m. for a program followed by refreshments.
Childcare is provided. Extra parking at Ermilio’s Restaurant, 26 White Street.

August 6th – Dr. Marvin Singleton, MD, a leader in healthcare, a moderate Republican, and
a Missouri Senator for 12 years, will talk about the shifting sands in the Republican Party,
the importance of Planned Parenthood services, and health care for all.
Salad Sunday! Bring salads, bread or dessert to share. Join in for a donation of $5.00 ($10.00
max per family) that goes to a good local cause . “Give more if you can, less if you can’t.”
Hospitality: Ramona & Chuck McNeal Greeter: Peg Adamson A/V: Cliff
August 13th – Rabbi Rob Lennick: “A Brief History of the Atomic Bomb and How It Changed
Humanity.” He will explore events leading up to the bomb and its impact on the human
moral condition. Bombs were dropped during this week in August 1945.
Hospitality: Lidia Janik & Bob Gratton Greeter: Mary Beacham A/V: Lynn
August 27th – No service at church today. Instead, join us for our Annual EUUF Potluck
and Swim Picnic at Wild Plum Cabins. (More information on next page.)
August 20th – Dr. Laura Tyler, new CEO of Ozark Guidance Center, will discuss successes
and challenges of the current state of mental health services, the role of the Arkansas
Legislature, services available, and her vision for Mental Health.
Hospitality: Connie & Ernst Schrader Greeter: Bryan Manire A/V: Jean
We are a non-creedal religious fellowship. We abide by the democratic process
and support each member’s individual spiritual search.
3 Ramona McNeal
5 Pam Floyd
14 Al Larson
16 Carrie Marry
18 Ron Hegedus
Rabbi Rob Lennick’s
Religious Education Classes
Wednesdays, August 2nd & 16th
6:00 to 8:00 pm
at 17 Elk Street
PRESIDENT: Marie Howard 479-253-2444
VICE PRESIDENT: Laurie Smole 479-253-1605
BUILDING USE: Becky Gillette 479-253-6963
HOSPITALITY: Bonnie Hughes 479-363-9814
MEMBERSHIP: Bryan Manire 479-981-1785
MUSIC: Jim Dudley 479-981-9843
NEWSLETTER: Ann Hopkins 479-253-4008
PROGRAMS: Lynn Larson 479-253-9728
SOCIAL JUSTICE: Trella Laughlin 479-253-2444
EUUF, 17 Elk Street 479-304-6182
EUUF Web Site
Sunday, August 27th
at Wild Plum Cabins!
Come at 3:00 to swim, sun and visit
Potluck dinner at 5:00

Lots of comings and goings in our family. Our sweet
mama, Mary Elizabeth Caldwell Manire Short (Beth,
Snookie, Patches!), breathed her last breath in this
world today, July 11, 2017, peacefully, with me, Danny,
and hospice by her side. Her one fear at going was that
she wouldn’t be able to tell everyone she knew and
loved how much she loved and cherished them. I’m
telling you now. Rest assured she is joyfully dancing in
the arms of my beloved daddy, Hubert and that she will
take her new position, as guardian angel to us all very
seriously! I would say “Rest in Peace” but that was not
her way! “Get up and go, we have things to do, places to
go, people to laugh with”, was the way she lived her 96
years! Thank you all for the love and concern you have
showered us with. We are blessed!
Jane, Larry, Bryan, Steve Manire and all!
After the July 9th presentation by Suzie Bell of ECHO, several members expressed an
interest in showing support for their new project to create a sustainable village with
affordable housing for some of our community’s most vulnerable people.
If you care to contribute you can make out your check to EUUF, and mail it to 17 Elk
Street, Eureka Springs, AR 72632. Please put ECHO on the comment line. We will give
everyone a couple of weeks and then send a donation to ECHO from the Fellowship.
from the 56th UU General Assembly
“Challenging extreme inequality
is a moral imperative.”
“… injustices that our faith movement
is committed to addressing:
from economic injustice;
from migrant injustice;
to climate change;
from sexual and gender injustices
to attacks on voting rights.”
“All forms of oppression or privilege
intersect and contribute to
inequity and inequality.”
“Our UU faith demands that we respond
to economic injustice and advocate
for those among us who
are being harmed by inequity.”
“We strive to build communities
where everyone is supported in living
safe, safe, and sustainable lives.”
“Buddhists acknowledge the poisonous nature of greed.
Islam asserts that the principle of justice must be
at the core of economic activities.
The Tao Te Ching states that if you chase after money and security,
your heart will never unclench.
Judaism teaches that poverty is an unjustifiable burden.
Our UU roots teach that we should love our
neighbors as ourselves.”


Art by Steve Holst

We know we don't have all the answers. Here, we can at least share our questions. And here, we can share a lot more than that: we can share our thoughts and ideas, we can share our pain and our hope. Here, we can remember that we are not alone. - Rev. Evan Keely, UU Minister

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